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Seminar in Lisbon, incentive in Algarve, teambuilding on a beach, reward trip in the Douro, or even a corporate evening in Porto? : Our destination experts, social cohesion professionals are always listening to your needs to make you live a unique and rich experience for you and all the participants!

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Our team creates seminars in Portugal, teambuilding activities, incentives and event in the Algarve region in Albufeira and in Lisbon. For further information do not hesitate to contact us!
Exclusive agent of Urban Gaming games and rallies on touchscreen tablets, we are here to organise 2.0 Urban experiences for brand new explorers!!!

Urban Gaming Portugal for teambuilding on touchscreen tablets, where a city, a historical centre, a private space… become your playing ground!
Everywhere, really everywhere without any limit…!

Teambuilding in Portugal: Why visit a country when you can live it!

Why Organise a teambuilding in Portugal to motivate and bring your team together?

With a nice and sunny climate all year long, endless beaches, a wide diversity of landscapes and a rich cultural heritage, Portugal is the best location to organise your teambuilding!

French and English professionals specialised in teambuilding and outdoor activities, our team will do everything in their power to make you live exceptional experiences, which will stay in the minds of you team!

Original, fun and exceptional teambuilding and outdoor activities created specially for you, based on your expectations and objectives!

Your event is unique, our teambuilding activities also are!

Teambuilding in Portugal by Evolution 2

Need to reinforce the team spirit of your co-workers with a teambuilding activity? Want to boost the performances of your corporation with fun and original activities? You don’t have any more new ideas for your events? Do not panic, Evolution 2 Portugal is THE teambuilding and outdoor activity specialist in Portugal, which will guarantee fun, original, creative and rich in memories activities for you and your collaborators!

Our team intervenes everywhere in Portugal all year round, in winter or summer, in the cities of Lisbon, Porto, Faro, or in remote regions like the Alentejo or on the Algarve coastline! Creative and multitasking, we are always making using our knowledge of the destination and professionalism to use for your teambuilding event! We are here to imagine, create and organise a corporate teambuilding in Portugal for YOU!

Teambuilding by Evolution2 :

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